How Does Neutering Protect A Male Dog's Health?


There are many good reasons to neuter a male dog. For one, neutering ensures your dog does not reproduce, which helps keep the population of pets under control. Neutering also helps keep a male dog from becoming territorial and aggressive. But one of the best reasons to neuter your dog is that it's simply best for his health. How? Well, there are a few health benefits associated with the procedure.

20 July 2021

Time To Spay Your Dog? How To Provide Them A Comfortable Recovery Period


If it's time for your dog to be spayed, it's also time to prepare for the recovery. Spaying may seem like a minor procedure. But, for your dog, it's major surgery. Because of that, your dog will need time to recover. Here are four things you can do to help your dog have a problem-free recovery.  Keep Your Dog Calm When your dog comes home from the vet, you'll need to provide a quiet place for recovery.

24 June 2020