How Does Neutering Protect A Male Dog's Health?


There are many good reasons to neuter a male dog. For one, neutering ensures your dog does not reproduce, which helps keep the population of pets under control. Neutering also helps keep a male dog from becoming territorial and aggressive. But one of the best reasons to neuter your dog is that it's simply best for his health. How? Well, there are a few health benefits associated with the procedure.

No Risk of Testicular Cancer

Just as human men can develop testicular cancer, so can intact male dogs. If you have your dog neutered, though, his testes will be removed, and therefore they cannot become cancerous later in life. This is a huge advantage for your dog since testicular cancer is often caught late, is hard to treat, and can spread rapidly through the body. Neutering is the only way to prevent it.

Reduced Risk of Prostate Cancer

When your dog is neutered, his prostate gland will be left in place. However, since the testes are removed, the dog's levels of testosterone will remain lower over the years. Lower levels of testosterone are thought to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Since prostate cancer is a serious condition that can make urinating difficult and painful, even in its early stages, it's best to do all you can to prevent it.

Fewer Fighting Injuries

Male dogs who are not neutered are more likely to get aggressive with other dogs or to respond with aggression when other dogs approach them. Small dogs, especially, can suffer serious bite injuries when they tussle with another dog. And even large dogs can suffer infections and develop permanent scars if they are bitten by another dog. A dog that has been neutered should be more mild-mannered, which means that aggression and the related injuries are less of a worry.

Lower Risk of Infectious Diseases

It may seem strange that neutered dogs would be at a lower risk of infectious diseases. But consider that if a male dog is neutered, it is less likely to seek out interactions with other dogs. So, if those other dogs happen to be sick with a contagious disease, a neutered dog is less likely to contract it. The difference in risk may be small, but it's worth mentioning as a benefit of neutering.

Having your male dog neutered is a smart option for his overall, long-term health. Your vet can tell you more.


20 July 2021

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