Pet Dental Care Services Your Dog Could Need For A Cavity


Keeping up with pet dental care services is important for your dog's health and comfort. Dogs develop cavities just like people do. Your dog needs regular dental checkups and cleanings to prevent problems with cavities and gum disease. This is what your veterinarian may do if your dog has a cavity.

Determine The Stage 

There are different stages of cavities. The goal of regular dental visits is to find cavities while they are still small and easy to treat. An early cavity may show up as a change in the color of the tooth before decay sets in. The most advanced cavity involves an infection of the root. The stage of the cavity determines the treatment needed.

Apply A Fluoride Treatment

In the earliest stage of cavity development, the enamel might not be eaten away yet. This is when your dog's veterinarian might apply a fluoride treatment to your dog's tooth to try to stop the progression of the cavity and allow the tooth to remineralize. Your dog will probably need a follow-up visit in a few months to check on the tooth to see if it needs further treatment.

Fill The Cavity

If part of the enamel is missing due to decay, your dentist will probably want to fill the tooth if the tooth can be saved. This is necessary to stop the cavity from getting bigger and to prevent infection. Filling the cavity also keeps your dog from being in pain.

Many pet dental care services are basically the same as the type of treatment you get from your own dentist. However, there is one difference. Your dog has to be given general anesthesia so they'll cooperate with the procedure. With your dog is asleep and comfortable, your dentist can clean your dog's teeth, inspect them thoroughly for cavities, and put in a filling.

Pull The Bad Tooth

If the root of the tooth is infected, or if the crown has so much decay it can't be filled, your dentist may recommend pulling the tooth. Pulling a tooth is usually the last resort since it's important for your dog to keep their teeth into their senior years for easy chewing and biting.

This is one reason regular dental care is so important for your dog. Keeping all their teeth throughout their entire lives is important for good health and quality of life for your dog. However, if dental problems arise, your veterinarian can fill or pull a tooth whenever it's needed so your dog doesn't suffer from a toothache and infection that could spread.

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18 August 2022

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